Dental clinic Dr. Kukoljac

The friendly atmosphere and completely pain-free all therapeutic procedures are adapted to individual needs and age of the patient. Professionally trained staff and their knowledge and skill are trained to provide the highest quality service and repair cosmetic dentistry teeth, overcoming with ease the most demanding aesthetic problems. We offer complete dental services by European standards, we use the best materials known manufacturers in the world.

Dental control

Feel free to book your dental control on phone number +382 68 444 601

For children's

We have a custom room for young children.

Member of the German Dental Chamber

Dr. Kukoljac has been a member of the  German Dental Chamber since 1998.


  • Prophylaxis for children and adults
  • Prosthetics

       - Removable dentures

       - Complete dentures

       - No metal and metal ceramic crown

       - Combined prosthetics

  • Implantology
  • Teeth whitening home bleaching
  • Tooth disease
  • Teeth protect
  • Orthodontics

        - Mobile orthodontic appliances

        - Fixed orthodontic appliances

Contact phone +382 68 444 601

Feel free to contact us:
+382 68 444 601
Stjepa Šarenca broj 28, Herceg - Novi 85340 Crna Gora